A Victoria-based company is trying to convince large grocery stores to carry their product: a do-it-yourself marijuana gummy kit.

Zen Zingers are meant for home use only and Paracanna Foods showed them off at the Grocery and Specialty Foods conference in Vancouver Monday.

Owner Andrea Butterworth said they’re already on the shelves at 200 stores across Canada, but those are mostly dispensaries. Big box stores aren’t such an easy sell.

“I think some of the larger chains are more concerned about some of those people that may not be supporting this legalization,” she said.

The kits cost $19.99 and come with a candy mixture, silicone mold, a dropper and, of course, directions. They do not come with marijuana.

“The instruction manual allows you to figure out what dose you want to make your candies, so you can make them as strong or as weak as you want,” said business developer Russell Yoachim.

The team is also taking steps to make the gummies less appealing to kids. Gone are the fun smiley face molds.

There are four flavours: grapefruit, raspberry, mango and cherry.