If you’ve recently upgraded your iPhone, you may be wondering what to do with your old device.

There are several options to cash it in, but if you can’t be bothered, why not turn your old phone into something else you can use?

Victoria blogger Gary Ng is an independent iPhone expert running a website called iPhone in Canada.

"There's a whole bunch of different uses. For example, I've used old iPhones as a baby monitor," Ng said.

And from keeping an iPhone eye on your baby, to using it as a security camera, you can also download apps that turn your old device into a virtual cookbook, remote thermostat and virtual remote control for your entertainment system.

You can also use your old iPhone as a dedicated GPS by downloading an app that works without using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

If repurposing your old smartphone doesn’t appeal to you, how about cashing it in?

Future Shop has a “Flip your Tech" program that lets you trade in your old iPhone for a store credit.

"People can bring in their old phones and get a gift card for it and use it for anything that they want," said Elliott Chun of Future Shop. 

Or you could try the new online marketplace called Orchard.

"Eighty-two per cent of used smartphones sit in sock drawers and that's a $14-billion lost opportunity," said the company’s co-founder Bruno Wong.  

Orchard uses an analytic app to determine the value of your old iPhone. The app is free and in three minutes, anybody can know how much the phone is worth and if it’s working or not.

The Orchard website launched in spring of 2014 and has already brokered over a quarter million dollars in used iPhone sales across Canada.  Bruno said an iPhone 4S could fetch up to $150. 

When consumer reporter Lynda Steele tested the app with her old iPhone 4S it told her the phone was damaged and was only worth $54.

As for android phones? Future Shop’s trade-in program will take them, along with old iPods, tablets, laptops, video games and gaming consoles for store gift cards. You can even bring in old TV's and other electronics for recycling at no cost.