VANCOUVER -- Charges have been recommended against two men following a heated exchange over masks at a Vancouver pizza restaurant that ended with a teenage customer getting roughed up.

Employees at the Pizza Pizza in the city's Kitsilano neighbourhood endured being called idiots, scumbags and Nazis by two men who were upset by the restaurant’s mask policy.

But a teenager waiting outside appeared to get the brunt of two men’s anger.

Video shot by an employee of the pizzeria on Cornwall Avenue shows two men insulting staff on Feb. 20 just before midnight. One of the men wasn’t wearing a mask, and was particularly aggressive.

“You guys are complete morons, COVID is a joke. You are completely brainwashed,” he yelled. “You guys are (expletive) Nazis.”

The restaurant follows provincial mask guidelines, and will even hand out masks for free.

Vancouver police told CTV News two men entered the pizza chain without masks, and were reminded they were needed before they could be served. Two masks were provided free of charge and that’s when the men became verbally aggressive.

“You’re the worst people ever. Are you (expletive) Middle Eastern, or where you from?” the man carried-on. “You know, I’m worth $50 million, you’re worth a zero.”

The cellphone video shows the second man now wearing a mask, but he was also hurling insults at the staff.

When the men finally left the restaurant, video shows one of them reach for the mask of a teenager waiting outside to order food.

Then the men appear to assault the teen.

“Hey! Hey!” the teenager is heard yelling, trying to fight them off.

“No chill! I don’t even know them,” the teen said as pizzeria staff tried to help.

Vancouver police said the men left in a vehicle, but were soon pulled over. Charges of impaired driving and assault have been recommended.