West Vancouver police have impounded four cars from drivers accused of excessive speeding on the Trans-Canada Highway, including two suspected street racers and a 19-year-old caught going 70 kilometres over the limit.

Const. Lisa Schmidtke said police have started cracking down on speeders after seeing an increase in high-performance cars flouting the speed limit and putting the public at risk.

"This highway is not designed for these speeds, it was not built for these speeds," Schmidtke said. "We are going out and aggressively pursuing this… We do not feel it is safe to the public, the motorists or the drivers themselves."

The four vehicles were seized in three separate incidents within a 10-hour window Monday, beginning at about 1 p.m. when police pulled over two vehicles apparently racing at speeds of 145 kilometres per hour in a 90 zone.

A 2011 Mercedes B2000 and a 2000 Honda Civic were impounded for seven days. The drivers, both 19-year-olds from Squamish, were issued tickets.

The next vehicle was seized at 6 p.m. when a 65-year-old North Vancouver resident allegedly burned past an unmarked police car going 50 kilometres over the pasted 80 kilometres per hour limit.

The 2008 BMW 335's driver was ticketed, and the vehicle was impounded for one week.

At 9 p.m. the same night, another 19-year-old was caught in a 2004 Acura going 160 kilometres per hour in a 90 zone. Police say the driver is a Squamish resident who happens to be friends with the two caught speeding the same afternoon.

Information about each of the drivers has been forwarded to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, who can decide whether to suspend their driving privileges.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shaheed Devji