A Canadian border official denies a Polish man was mistreated at Vancouver International Airport when he was detained last Sunday while relatives awaited word of his fate.

Pawel Marach claims he was accused of lying about his reasons for coming to Canada, detained for two days, and initially barred from contacting his relatives who were waiting at the airport to pick him up.

He says border officials accused him of coming to Canada to find work and eventually put him on a plane back to England.

In a statement, Yvette Monique Gray of the Canada Border Services Agency says Marach was kept fully informed of his situation and legal rights at all times and the agency followed due process in dealing with him.

The statement says Marach was found inadmissible to Canada, although it doesn't say exactly why, and that he was eventually allowed to make outside calls.

Marach and his aunt and uncle who had been waiting for him say the episode reminded them of Robert Dziekanki, who died when he was stunned by an RCMP Taser after spending hours wandering the airport in 2007.