Two illegal immigrants from Mexico were caught attempting to transport over $650,000 from Canada to the United States Wednesday night, according to Blaine Border Patrol agents.

The two suspects were travelling by foot carrying large backpacks just east of Blaine, Washington. Border patrol agents approached the pair for questioning and subsequently searched their backpacks.

They were arrested after it was determined the duo were Mexican citizens who had just illegally crossed the U.S. border from B.C.

A total of $360,760 in Canadian currency and $296,185 in U.S. currency packaged in plastic bags, including a Marketplace IGA bag, was seized.

Supervisor Border Patrol Agent Richard Sinks told that ethnicity doesn't factor into an agent's decision to question individuals travelling near the border.

"We don't base anything on descent -- we base it on the possibility that they've entered illegally," he said. "We look at overall circumstances, time of day and how they're reacting. The agent comes up with a reason to talk to someone further and they go from there."

Both suspects appeared in U.S. District court Thursday afternoon in Seattle and face criminal charges.