Beliebers and hockey fans are facing off Thursday after Justin Bieber fans defaced the Rick Rypien memorial during the singer’s concert outside Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

A column outside the arena became a memorial wall for the former Canuck after the troubled hockey player committed suicide last year.

But last night, as thousands of Beliebers packed the stadium to see the Canadian megastar, fans started marking the memorial with messages about Justin Bieber.

It wasn't long before people started tweeting that the memorial had been defaced, calling it "shameful" and "disgusting."

“Bieber fans "vandalizing" Rypien's wall outside Rogers Arena, with "I <3 JB" messages. Ugh,” Gladys Tsang tweeted.

One of the people who defaced the column with “J.B. Concert,” included the date and a name, and it wasn’t long before angry Twitter users found an account that matched the name and began threatening the fan.

There were thousands of abusive tweets sent to on Twitter user over the incident, including comments threatening her life and telling her to commit suicide.

"[Name removed], i will find u, and i will kill you," @sawrajbains10 tweeted.

“[Name removed] = Most hated person in VanCity #ThinkBeforeYouAct #RIPRypien,” @DylanLal tweeted.

Some tweets said the individual should be investigated by police.

“I honestly think [name removed] should at least be spoken to by police. You don't see us writing about how much we hate Bettmann on Bieb's car,” @alexlovesburrs tweeted.

Although it is not known if the user is responsible the graffiti, the Twitter account was deleted hours later.

Twitter users continued to send abusive tweets, but some rallied to support the fan.

The cyber bullying is continuing to cause unrest in the Twitterverse, with one user saying “drama is spiraling out of control. Moronic decision to write on the wall for Rypien but threatening a kid isn't cool either,” @PatCwiklinski tweeted.

Canucks fans have offered online to clean up the memorial Thursday.