How would you like to paint your bedroom Beer Foam white or 5 O'Clock Shadow gray?

CIL Paints is appealing to men this winter with an amusing campaign designed to get men more pumped for painting, but will the macho makeover really get men into home décor?

The company is renaming dozens of its dramatic paint colours in its Ultimate Man Caves Collection, which bears the slogan "Given the right name -- he'll agree to any colour."

It means the name Peacock's Plume is now Pimpin' the Trans Am, and Butterscotch Tempest is now Beer Time. If green is more your colour, Juliet's Potion gets the moniker makeover Zombie Apocalypse.

The project has been a success so far, says Meredith Courneyea of CIL.

"To try to have more fun with it and have people relate to it and have a good laugh about it as well -- but also for men to be able to tell their buddies that I have Beer Foam on my walls, it's kinda fun," she said.

A brochure for the new colours advertises it as being "inspired by paint names you can say out loud," and operates on the premise that "the spirit of manly decorating" was in need of being rekindled.

It also suggests uses for the new colours, like using Iced Vodka, Maverick and Top Gun -- all shades of blue -- to construct the perfect "Maverick Home Bar Cave."

The "Pimpin' the Trans-Am Workout Cave" isn't just a home gym, it's a striped electric blue and turquoise man hideout.

"Soft pastel colours are for nurseries. When you want to get your sweat on, you need colours that are going to pump you up!" the brochure reads.

The tactic of appealing directly to the male client might just work. The paint company says while women often pick the paint colour it's actually men that make the final decision.

Vancouver interior designer Peter Wilds thinks that the macho name campaign is an amusing gimmick, but may not boost paint sales.

"They're full of humour and fun. They may spur a conversation but I don't think they'll ultimately be the element that has someone pick a colour or not pick a colour," he said.

Wilds' admits it's a brilliant way to get consumers talking.

CIL launched a social media contest encouraging Canadians to offer up their own masculine name suggestions.

More than 15,000 people weighed in on the company's Facebook page, and the winner received a $10,000 home theatre package.

Original Colour Name/New Manly Name

  • Fairytale Green/Mo Money
  • Butterscotch/Beer Time
  • Cloud Nine/Iced Vodka
  • Tracery/Centre Ice
  • Monterey Cliffs/Wolfden
  • Plateau Grey/5 O'Clock Shadow
  • Pillar/ Porcelain Throne
  • Stormy Seas/Wingman
  • Romance/Bromance
  • Silver Lace Vine/Midlife Crisis
  • Lights Out/Deathstar
  • Peacock's Plume/Pimpin' the Trans-Am
  • Juliet's Potion/Zombie Apocalypse
  • Mystery Sound/Top Gun
  • Great Grey/Brute Force
  • Arctic Night/Ego
  • Jade Frost/Fort Knox
  • Twilight Zone/Down & Dirty
  • Venetian Turquoise/Bro Code
  • Pumpkin Face/Peanut Butter Punch
  • Moonlight Drive/Maverick
  • Arrow Wood/Confidence
  • Plum Escape/Sucker Punch
  • Bone White/Beer Foam
  • Acadia Gem/Sergeant Major
  • Lexington Park/Dirty Socks
  • Classic Liberty Red/Rust on my Truck

Lynda Steele will show you all the macho colours tonight on CTV News…

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