Police say a disturbing attack on an Abbotsford woman in her backyard that was reported earlier this month did not actually happen and "was influenced by a historical traumatic event that occurred in another province."

Major crime investigators were first called in on Aug. 7, a day after a 42-year-old victim reported having been attacked and robbed on while sitting on her deck.

But an update from police on Wednesday read in part, "details have emerged in the investigation that this assault did not occur as initially reported."

"There was no assault that occurred on the evening of Aug. 6, in Abbotsford, as previously reported, and there is no risk to public safety," police said. "The victim would like to offer an apology to our community for causing alarm."

The Abbotsford Police Department is reminding victims of historical crimes. The APD's victim service can help people find the appropriate resources.