Fabricated versions of Canada’s virtually counterfeit-proof polymer bills have sparked a police warning in New Westminster.

Seven fake $100 bills with the same irregularities have been discovered since the end of April, and police are cautioning the public to be on the lookout for more counterfeit currency.

The first imitation bills were reported on April 28 after a grocery store unknowingly accepted two counterfeit bills. Several days later, an individual tried unsuccessfully to deposit five bills at a bank where they were discovered to be fake. 

The distinguishing features that separate the phony bills from the authentic bills are found in the transparent hologram section. Sgt. Diana McDaniel of New Westminster police said specific details are not visible on the counterfeit bills.

“The major difference is the flag on top of the building is missing on the counterfeit bill and the ‘100’ reflecting within the hologram is also missing,” she said.

Aside from these visible clues, the fake currency is also missing raised ink.

Both cases are under investigation and police say there are no persons of interest or arrests yet.

Police recommend that people take questionable bills to a nearby bank to determine its authenticity or refer to the Bank of Canada website for detailed photos and video.

With a report from Maria Weisgarber.