B.C.'s energy minister says developing British Columbia's next mega dam could give the province the chance to sell clean, green power to Saskatchewan, Alberta and the United States.

Blair Lekstrom says the government plans to use the proposed Site C dam to meet British Columbia's future energy needs, but he's not denying power exports are also part of the province's energy future.

The government announced Monday it intends to move ahead with decades-old plans to develop the Site C dam in northeastern B.C., sparking outcry from environmentalists, local farmers and First Nations who say the proposed dam will flood valuable lands.

Lekstrom says power exports are not part of the current plans for Site C, but the government is open to exporting power from other energy projects.

Lekstrom says he views B.C. power as a market commodity similar to lumber, oil and gas and minerals.

Paul Kariya with the Independent Power Producers Association of B.C. says Site C offers British Columbia a solid power foundation that allows the independent producers and the government to market new power resources.