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RCMP arrest anti-mandate protesters at blockaded B.C. border crossing

Police have begun arresting anti-mandate protesters who had been blocking the roadway leading to the Pacific Highway border crossing since Saturday.

Mounties formed a line just north of the border crossing in south Surrey, B.C., at approximately 1:30 p.m., as they began arresting anti-mandate demonstrators, some of whom had camped out overnight.

The land-border crossing had been closed since early Saturday afternoon in the wake of Saturday's anti-mandate protests, but dozens arrived with Canadian flags and signs on Sunday to walk more than a kilometre to the camp.

Four people had been taken into custody for mischief as of 2 p.m., according to a news release from Surrey RCMP.

"In addition, some of the vehicles and protestors who stayed overnight Saturday have now packed up and left the area," police said in their release.

"The area near the border remains blocked off by police on 176 Street and feeder routes, and the border crossing remains closed at this time."

Earlier in the day, Mounties advised drivers and pedestrians to stay away from the area and use an alternate border crossing. 

"The public can expect to see continued traffic congestion and road closures in the area," police said, noting that there was no access to 176 Street from 8th Avenue and that 0 Avenue was blocked to westbound traffic at 184 Street.

Police said 172 Street was also blocked at 8th Avenue to southbound traffic.

"Police are working with area residents to keep the neighbourhood near the border to local traffic only," RCMP said.

Hundreds of protesters descended on the area Saturday in solidarity with the self-described "Freedom Convoy" that has occupied Ottawa for multiple weeks, demanding an end to all COVID-19-related restrictions.

RCMP initially blocked protesters in Surrey from reaching the border, forcing them to park along 8th Avenue and congregate at its intersection with 176 Street.

In the afternoon, protesters began marching south to the border, aided in their goal by several commercial trucks and a military-style vehicle that broke through the RCMP's barricade.

After gathering at the border for most of the afternoon, the crowd thinned out as the sun set, leaving a smaller group that remained overnight.

"In regards to yesterday’s protests: while mainly peaceful, the actions of those who breached police barricades are under investigation," Surrey RCMP said Sunday. "Police will be following up based on the evidence obtained at the time of the incident."

Mounties told CTV News some of the investigations they've begun since Saturday's protest involve alleged assaults on officers and Motor Vehicle Act violations. More details on those investigations can be found here. Top Stories

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