Organizers of the anti-HST campaign in British Columbia plan to complain to both the RCMP and Elections BC if the provincial government goes ahead with an advertising blitz aimed at their initiative.

Finance Minister Colin Hansen told reporters last week that the government plans to send out information to British Columbians defending its harmonized sales tax.

Chris Delaney of Fight HST says they believe the mailing campaign violates the Initiative Act, which requires that opponents or proponents register with Elections BC, either as an official opponent or advertising sponsor -- something the province hasn't done.

Delaney says registration for opponent status is long over, but it would have allowed the government to spend $900,000, while the advertising sponsor can spend just $5,000.

He says the cost of the government sending a mail-out to all B.C. households would far exceed the $5,000 limit.

Delaney says Hansen may dress up the mail out as informational, but they believe the planned mail out is a direct response to their initiative petition and that would be illegal.