A five-month-old puppy is now being cared for by the BC SPCA after being hit twice by cars in Agassiz.

The shelter's Maple Ridge branch seized the dog, named Cozzy, as part of a cruelty investigation.

The puppy was reported on March 8 by witnesses that saw him get hit twice and struggled to get off the road. Cozzy remained in pain at the rear of a neighbouring property and had gone more than a week without any type of vet care before he was rescued.

The animal came to the SPCA with a broken right femur requiring surgery as well as road rash and soft tissue damage.

"I am not a vet. I don't what what it's like to see x-rays, but when I saw his x-ray, I knew immediately that dog was in a lot of pain," SPCA spokesperson Krista Shaw told CTV News Vancouver.

The cost of care for Cozzy is about $4,100. The dog is now recovering in foster care and will require bed rest for his first week.

The SPCA says it is always in need of donations which help dogs like Cozzy.

Donations can be made on the SPCA's website or in person at 10235 Jackson Road, Maple Ridge.