Investigators in the southern Interior community of Grand Forks are hoping to speak with three men that may have information about the murder of 12-year-old John Fulton.

The autistic boy was found dead two days after disappearing from his family home in August. His body was found inside the home of neighbour Kimberly Noyes, 42. She is charged with second-degree murder.

RCMP issued a release Saturday evening appealing for anyone who might have been in the Gables housing complex between Aug. 15 and 17 to come forward. Of particular interest are three white men seen standing near Noyes' home Aug. 15.

"The three individuals came to our attention via information from one of the residents and we have yet to identify them and speak with them," Cpl. Dan Moskaluk wrote.

He added: "Investigators do not have any evidence to indicate that there are additional suspects still outstanding."

Moskaluk said a neighbour made a bird call that got the men's attention, and is hoping the group remembers the incident.

One man is described as 45-years-old with a slim build.  He is approximately 6' to 6'2. The other two are in their late teens or early 20's and are both shorter.

The case

The murder of John Fulton shook up the tight knit community of Grand Forks.

The RCMP confirmed Noyes suffers from bipolar disorder, and neighbours say the recently divorced mother had become depressed and despondent in recent months -- mostly staying inside and not answering the door.

Her ex-husband, Stacy Burnett, told CTV News the health care community failed her by not adequately addressing her problems.

"I blame it all on mental health," Burnett said. "They backtrack, and say they were doing all they could, but you know, they could have done more."

Neighbours described Fulton as a happy, upbeat kid who enjoyed playing with the other children in the complex.