Const. Steve Conlon either punched a pregnant woman by mistake or deliberately assaulted her, a judge heard Wednesday.

The Kelowna RCMP officer, on trial for assault causing bodily harm, must wait until early next year to learn his fate. Judge Edmond De Walle reserved his decision after hearing final arguments.

Conlon testified this week he struck Crystal Young in the face as police raided her rented house in February 2009. She held a snarling pit bull on a short leash and wouldn't obey his order to get down on the floor.

Conlon, then an officer for two years, said the dog "locked on" to his right arm when he approached Young. He said he punched the animal with a downward motion and followed through, also striking Young in the eyebrow area. He said it was one motion.

Prosecutor Murray Kaay argued Conlon hit the dog and Young separately before backing away.

"After he struck the dog, he had an option," Kaay said Wednesday. "He punched Crystal Young in the head, and that was unnecessary. (It was a) disproportionate and reckless use of force."

Defence lawyer Jack Harris said the dog and Young were "one entity," and that Conlon had to deflect both of them.

Colon and four other officers burst into the house after another officer shot and wounded a man wanted on a Canada wide warrant outside the home.