Dozens of neglected horses are getting another chance at life thanks to the generosity of one Okanagan woman.

But her work has taken a financial toll.

Carla Christman has paid the owner of the Vernon-area farm to take in dozens of abandoned and abused horses, including one left with halter on as a foal while her head and throat grew around it.

"It grew right into her skull, and under her neck into her esophagus," says Christman.

Another foal has a herniated umbilical cord.

"It needs a veterinarian, it could require surgery," she says.

A mare with breathing problems is with the remaining heard, as is a foal which the Vernon Horse Rescue says isn't getting enough nourishment.

The horses are getting another chance at life thanks to the generosity of Christman, but she admits it's been tough. She's spent about $30,000 on this on helping the horses, and says the SPCA isn't doing enough.

"I just don't understand why the SPCA won't be a little more pro-active instead of me stepping in and having to do this," she says.

"Nobody will help and we can't do it because we'll get in trouble," says Joanne Verigin.

In its defense, the SPCA says it has responded to the complaints and issued orders to the horses' owner - all of which have been complied to.

Owner Deb Gottfreidson would not speak to CTV on camera, but he says he does his best for the horses, but can't afford to call a veterinarian in every time an animal appears sick.

It's an answer that's not good enough answer for Vernon Horse Rescue.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Kent Molgat.