Summer is the perfect time to get fit -and it can be as easy as going for a walk.

 "The more I walk, the more I lose," said Gail Amyot, who has has lost 25 pounds in six months. She credits her pedometer, which counts every step she takes. She says that feedback pushes her to do more exercise every day.

Studies show walking more can have a big payoff: reducing your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Consumer Reports tested two types of pedometers. The more elaborate ones are worn on the wrist and measure speed and distance, not steps.

"These work by using GPS technology to do their calculations. That means they work best outside,' explained Marc Entee of Consumer Reports.

Unfortunately, during testing the satellite connection occasionally dropped out so the pedometers couldn't always give a reading. And they're pricey, too, around $200.

More basic pedometers count steps by detecting motion and are clipped on at the waist or put in a pocket.

"Accuracy was measured by comparing the results of the devices to the treadmill step count, which we know to be correct," said Entee.

Of the eight pedometers tested, Consumer Reports named the $30 OM Ron pocket pedometer a best buy. It was the most accurate at all speeds, even when kept in a pocket.

Another less expensive pedometer which got good ratings is the $20 dollar Thin Q pocket pedometer.

"It measures your steps and it measures your calories so you can kind of see what reward you get in terms of burning off those unwanted pounds in terms of the exercise you do," said David Firman of the Running Room.

A pocket pedometer is ideal for these people out enjoying a stroll on the Stanley Park seawall and it could be your ticket to getting more exercise, the way Amyot's pedometer has been for her.

"My goal in the next six months is to work up to ten-thousand steps," she pledged.

The goal of ten-thousand steps a day is a good one to get your heart healthy: that's the equivalent of walking about eight kilometers. Just remember -- you have to work up to that goal -- don't try to do it all on the first day.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen