White Rock's efforts to rebuild its damaged iconic pier is getting a boost from the provincial government.

The NDP government is giving the city a $1-million grant to help repair waterfront infrastructure from storm damage along the promenade and the pier itself.

"The historic White Rock pier is a cultural icon and a significant contributor to the local economy, drawing more than one million visitors to the community each year," said Delta MLA Ravi Kahlon in a statement. "Restoring the pier will help local businesses and improve recreational and cultural opportunities for the community."

The city's mayor praised the helping hand.

"We are grateful for the provincial grant to help us reconstruct our waterfront and pier and protect our shoreline from the impacts of climate change," Mayor Darryl Walker said in the statement.

The White Rock Pier was sheared in half during December's historic windstorm.

One man was trapped on the side drifting out to sea, forcing a helicopter to come rescue him.

Repairing the pier was initially pegged to cost $5 to $6 million, but that cost ballooned to $16.2 million.

On Thursday, a volunteer committee group, pledged to cover an expected $2 million shortfall through a variety of fundraising.

The bill to repair the pier has been criticized by residents, who have expressed surprise over the cost.