VANCOUVER – With just days until Halloween, several haunted houses across Metro Vancouver are offering spooky experiences for those looking for a dose of terror.

The makers of one haunted house in Surrey boasts that it's so scary, they've included emergency exits every 20 feet. 

Potter's House of Horrors is a live-theatre haunted event with a coffin ride, zombie paintball, a photo booth and an escape room. The main attractions are the two haunted houses with live actors and animatronics. 

Heather Gibbons, who is on the management team at Potter's House of Horrors, says the houses are "very graphic."

"It is not for the faint of heart. We've been doing this for 17 years and it gets bigger and better every year," Gibbons said. "If you are a little too scared and can't make it all the way through, you can ask to be let out the emergency exit.

But getting out early comes at a price, Gibbons said. 

"If that happens, we actually play the 'Chicken Dance' very loudly and the number goes up on the chicken counter as well."

When CTV News Vancouver spoke to Gibbons, the number on the chicken counter was at 389. 

New this year, the display will stay open until Nov. 2. When the space isn't decked out for Halloween, the facility is a garden centre in the spring and summer. 

Meanwhile in Anmore, one family has turned their own house into a haunted manor. 

"Every year we try to outdo ourselves," said Ken Honigman, who puts together the Halloween event at his house every year. "We pride ourselves in the detail of our haunted house."

Honigman says Anmore Manor is designed for an older group as actors make the experience rather spooky. 

"We do have video cameras throughout and we all have so much fun afterwards watching people fall to the floor and scream," Honigman said. 

Anmore Manor asks visitors to bring a food or cash donation for the Share Society. 

Chilliwack's Reapers Haunted Attraction not only has an indoor theatrical horror experience, but a haunted "maze of terror" too. 

The indoor experience is an asylum-themed haunt with twisted doctors and hospital staff. Then, the 22,000-square-foot maze has very little light and a "chainsaw massacre experience." Reapers is open nightly until Oct. 31. 

Fright Nights at Vancouver's Playland has eight haunted houses all in one location, for those looking for extra terror. 

The annual event, which also offers 20 rides and several live shows opened at the start of the month and runs until Oct. 31.