Fist fights and yelling matches broke out between demonstrators in Vancouver Saturday as they gathered for a second week in a row in a show of solidarity with anti-government protesters in Iran.

Protests first broke out in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city, on Dec. 28 and have since spread to several other cities and towns. The demonstrations were sparked by a hike in food prices amid soaring unemployment. Some protesters have called for the government's overthrow.

Iranians in Vancouver have gathered to show their support for a revolution.

“I love to have a system that has more respect for all human beings. Freedom of speech,” said demonstrator Tammy Sadeghr.

Among chants of “it’s time” and “freedom for Iran” there was also conflict among protesters who remain divided on how best to achieve their common goal.

CTV cameras captured one man attacking another who was holding an anti-Iranian monarchy sign.

One side is in favour of international intervention while the other side believes this is a domestic issue and says that if other countries get involved, they will introduce strict sanctions on the country.

“We don’t want any regime changed by the western power or estate or Trump,” said one protester. All we want is the revolution; the government has to change by their own people,” he added.

At least 21 people have been killed and hundreds have been arrested in Iran.

Local groups are vowing to rally until there is a resolution.