VANCOUVER -- Police are investigating after a stabbing in a Vancouver park sent a man to hospital.

The stabbing occurred inside a tent in Strathcona Park, police believe.

It happened sometime around midnight Friday, the Vancouver Police Department said in a news release later that morning.

Police said he was located about eight hours later by a woman who found him on the corner of Raymur Avenue and Venables Street.

The man was wrapped in a towel soaked in blood, investigators say.

He was taken to hospital in critical but stable condition.

VPD Const. Tania Visintin described the 46-year-old's injuries as "major stab wounds."

"It is very troubling to know this man was suffering from extensive injuries for eight hours or more before paramedics or police were called," she said.

Two people have been arrested and are considered "possible suspects," the VPD said.

Given that many are living in the park, which is being used as a homeless camp, police believe someone has more information, and are asking anyone who knows more about the incident to come forward.

Katie Lewis with the Strathcona Residents Association said the stabbing is the latest example of the growing violence in the neighbourhood.

Since the encampment was established in June, the neighbourhood group has recorded more than 360 incidents, including assault, arson, weapons being found and theft.

“There’s a public safety crisis going on and we need everyone to move faster on an immediate plan to protect a lot of the vulnerable people in the camp,” Lewis told CTV News.

She said the violence has been escalating and the association is concerned it will not stop until the city and province step up to address the issues.

“At some point, we think someone’s going to get killed and that’s the last thing we want, obviously. We’re really, really asking for help from police and elected officials,” she said.

Earlier this month, Vancouver’s mayor and council voted unanimously to approve a $30 million plan to move hundreds of homeless people into city-owned property.