The City of Vancouver will this week decide what to do about a home that's housed a grow-op not once, but three times.

No-one answers the door at 729 East 58th Avenue, and there are signs no one's been around for a while.

Neighbour Michael Glynn remembers one day last fall when the house wasn't so quiet.

"It was about 10 o'clock in the morning, I heard some pretty loud voices, hearing you know police! Police!" said Glynn.

"They were banging, going one-two-three! Smashed it open ... they went in there, they had assault rifles."

Police have found a marijuana grow-op at this home three times in the last eight years.

Other neighbours didn't want to go on camera, but say it makes them nervous. The City believes those fears are warranted.

Grow-ops can be a fire risk due to unsafe electrical wiring. The City says there's also the risk of attracting home invaders to the neighbourhood, looking to carry out a grow-rip, stealing from the grow-op.

Glynn said the existence of the grow-op makes him feel unsafe.

At a meeting following the most recent bust, the City says the owner told staff he was renting the building to his friend, but couldn't remember his friend's last name. He allegedly picked up the rent at the front door, but never went inside and the tenant has now disappeared.

The City is considering the option of getting a court order to prohibit the owner from renting the property, and also adding a warning notice to the title of the property to let any future buyers know about the grow-ops.

"In Vancouver you actually have to take out a business license in order to rent to a third party, right? But the owner didn't even do that," said Councillor George Chow. "Obviously, our police will be monitoring it, and certainly the neighbours should be monitoring it."

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Maria Weisgarber.