Vancouver police have recovered the loaded handgun that was lost in the Downtown Eastside Wednesday after an officer dropped it during a foot chase.

The Sig Sauer P225 pistol and its ammunition were retrieved at around 1 p.m. Friday in the same neighbourhood, though police are not saying exactly where it was found or how they learned of its whereabouts.

Const. Jana McGuinness did issue a statement crediting the return of the pistol to "the investigative skills of very experienced beat patrol officers."

The weapon went missing near Oppenheimer Park while a plainclothes officer was chasing a suspected drug dealer, spurring a 24-hour search that turned up no sign of the firearm.

The policeman realized the gun had slipped out of his holster after he caught the suspect hiding in some bushes in the 300-block of Jackson Avenue.

No one has been charged in connection to the recovery of the gun, but police say the investigation into its disappearance is ongoing.