A love of yoga pants has landed Vancouverites in third place on a list of worst dressed cities on a popular travel website.

The author of the MSN Travel article, Vivian Song, blames the city for being the birthplace of popular athletic brand Lululemon and for starting the trend of women wearing the comfortable culprit at places other than the gym.

"Really, what gives with the whole wearing of bum-hugging workout gear to every other place except the gym?" asks Song in the article.

While making the list, Song said she thought about what made a city stand out fashion-wise, and for Vancouver her choice was obvious.

"I think that the first ting you would observe is that there are a lot of people in yoga pants," Song told CTV News. "It was a fun trend to begin with but I think now there is a time and place for everything and that includes yoga pants."

Malania Dela Cruz, who does public relations work for numerous local designers, said that Vancouver's laidback style gives off the wrong impression.

"I think the outside perception is that we don't care about what we look like because we dress so casually in the city, but there are a lot of greatly dressed women here," said Dela Cruz.

Despite the unwanted title, Dela Cruz points out Vancouver is known for other things, as well.

"We always get compliments from tourists that we have the most beautiful women in the world, so we can't be dressed that badly."