Were you or someone you know one of the half million Metro Vancouverites to lose power during the windstorm a few weeks ago? 

A new invention will allow you to charge your phone without plugging it into the wall or even a portable battery pack.

The Pocket Sun has a photovoltaic cell but it doesn't just rely on solar power, it will also use kinetic energy or movement and using a thermoelectric generator will produce electricity from temperature differences in the air around you.

The Vancouver inventor who built the prototype put it through its paces to show CTV News how it generates power.

"Do a little dance, you know, it just generates a charge, " inventor Bijan Raiszadeh told us. He took us outside and demonstrated the charging technique by moving and jogging.

Raiszadeh says a 30-minute jog, 10,000 steps or a two-hour solar exposure will generate three hours of smart phone life in almost any temperature or weather conditions from minus 40 to 85 degrees Celsius.

"The thing is, unless you're going on a trip to hell. You're probably going to be okay."

The 28-year-old pulled parts from around the world, refined them and fit them all into a case he designed and printed using a 3D printer. 

Raiszadeh has also built a device to fit inside for wireless charging but only if your phone has that ability or an adapter.

But at this point, it’s still just a prototype. Raiszadeh has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $200,000 to get the product made.

If he reaches that goal, supporters who donated $79 to $100 will receive a charger. 

The deadline is September 29, 2015.