VANCOUVER - They may not have been the easiest subjects to draw, but they were likely some of the furriest.

Cat-enthusiasts gathered at Vancouver's Catfe for a drawing class taught by an Emily Carr University of Art and Design instructor Tuesday night. 

The purpose was to learn how to draw cats while using them as live models. 

"They're a little unpredictable, they're very spontaneous … it's a good way to learn how to draw because you let go," said art teacher Erin Green. 

"Because the subject's moving around, you know that you're not going to get this perfect, lifelike drawing, it lets people relax a little bit."

Deborah Isaac attended the event because she's a cat lover and has always wanted to try an art class. 

"We started out by scribbling what a cat looked like without looking at the page and it was funny to see those and it kind of loosened us up," she told CTV News Vancouver. 

"I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But we were really encouraged to do a lot of really quick drawings."

Some of the subjects in the art class were a little hard to pin down, however. 

"Fortunately my cat is a very docile cat so I'll probably have an easier time with her than I've had with some of the cats here," she said. 

The café at International Village opened its door just before Christmas in 2015 and serves food and drinks on one side, while the other side is a lounge for cat lovers to interact with felines waiting for adoption. 

After the success of Tuesday's event, Catfe plans to host more art events in the future.