A cat that disappeared two years ago - only to turn up 560 kilometres away last week - has been reunited with its B.C. owner in a true Christmas meow-arcle.

Pharfalla (butterfly in Italian) the eight-year-old feline disappeared from her family's home in McLeese Lake, a small community in the B.C. interior, over two years ago without a trace.

But last week the scrappy cat inexplicably turned up in Surrey, 560 kilometres away, and despite her mysterious journey was in great health. On Friday, she was reunited with her delighted owner.

"I gave up, I believed she was dead," said owner Pascale Makortoff, who drove down to Metro Vancouver to collect the adventurous feline. "Now I believe in wonders."

Makortoff first adopted Pharfalla in Switzerland, eventually flying to Seattle, then to Calgary, and finally home to ranch in McLeese Lake. The adventurous feline went missing in June 2014.

Cat's got her tongue on the epic journey, but Pharfalla recently began making herself at home with the Soltana family, who live in Surrey's Guilford neighbourhood.

"She came inside and slept inside our house for a couple of days," said Gerna Soltana, smiling.

The Sotana's were happy to host their furry houseguest, but reached out to the Surrey Animal Resource Centre last week to make sure she wasn't being missed by anyone else.

Staff were able to trace the globe trotting cat's journey, and find her owner, using Pharfalla's identification microchip.

And now, just days before Christmas, Pharfalla is once again safe with her family - the ultimate Christmas present.

"She's cuddly and cute, and totally nice to everybody," said Makortoff. "This is a Christmas gift."

WIth files from CTV Vancouver's Tom Popyk