When visitors to Vancouver pile off a cruise ships or try to get from the airport to their Vancouver hotels, they're out of luck.

A crucial cab shortage is frustrating many in the area's tourism industry, who say every day is a bad day when helping tourists get around.

"It's very frustrating because you have been phoning for a cab and none of them show up," said Armando Barrientos, a doorman at the Hotel Vancouver.

"It's a nightmare for me simply because they have to lash out at someone and I'm the person basically for a taxi, I end up receiving all these complaints and everything," he said.

CTV News has investigated Vancouver's cab crisis, finding that Vancouver has the highest number of cabs per person in cities across Canada.

In Montreal, there is one cab for every 419 people. In Toronto, there is one cab for every 536 people. While in Calgary, a city of a million people, there is one cab for every 709 people.

In Vancouver, nearly 1100 people are fighting for one cab.

It's a serious matter for Vancouver's Tourism industry.

"There will be at least 50 new taxis coming on but really it should be double that number," said Rick Antonson of Tourism Vancouver.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Dag Sharman