October is Power Smart month.

In the past, you might have saved a few dollars on some compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or maybe a string of Christmas lights.

Now, more than 400 retailers are involved and you can save money on a growing list of products.

"Lamps and fixtures, appliances, electronics and televisions, and smaller products like power bars and LEDs and programmable thermostats," said BC Hydro spokeswoman Simi Heer.

There are also rebates on windows, exterior lighting, security lighting - even bathroom lighting that uses CFLs.

Deals extend beyond items you find in a home improvement store.

"In some of our larger communities, retailers are offering anywhere from $200 to $400 rebates on Energy Star televisions," Heer said. "We are really making a push on Energy Star televisions right now because obviously people are switching to the new fancy televisions and we want to make sure all of those televisions are energy efficient."

Big retailers, including Future Shop, London Drugs, Visions, Best Buy, Sony Style and Costco are participating in the Energy Star television program.

There are even rebates on Energy Star ceiling fans.

While some rebates are immediate, others require a bit of work.

"For the appliance program, part of the rebate is a mail-in rebate for BC Hydro, but the additional rebate offered by the retailer is often an in-store instant rebate," Heer said. "We also have some mail-in rebates on our website and also some online rebates as well."

Most of the rebates last only to the end of October, but some continue into November. A few last through to the end of the year.

And if you have burned out CFL bulbs, bring them back to the retailer for proper recycling. They contain mercury and shouldn't be thrown out in the garbage.

The BC Hydro website has more information at www.bchydro.com/rebates_savings.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen