A Surrey dad is celebrating a special Father's Day at home with his baby son.

It's a world away from where Jonathan Sedman was just eight-and-a-half months ago, when he was fighting for his life in hospital while his wife went into early labour.

"Each day is special in itself," he said.

On Sept. 29, Sedman nearly died in a freak accident.

He was installing a post-race fireworks display at the Saratoga Speedway on Vancouver Island when one of the cars lost control, flipping over a guardrail and landing on top of him.

He was crushed and suffered extensive injuries, including a pelvic fracture, splenic injury, c-spine ligamentous injuries, nerve injury to his leg and brain trauma.

He was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital where 10 physicians and six specialists worked to save his life.

That same night, his wife, Christa Meissner, went into labour four weeks early at Langley Memorial Hospital.

One month later, Sedman woke up from his medically induced coma and he was finally able to meet his newborn son, Kayden.

Father meets new baby for the first time

Jonathan Sedman meets Kayden for the first time. Source: Vancouver General Hospital 


"I just look forward to him growing up and going along with the ride," he said.

Sedman spent six months in hospital and his recovery continues at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, where he sees a physiotherapist.

"I’m feeling pretty good, getting better slowly and stronger. I'm able to walk farther and carry him farther," he said.

His wife also notices he's making strides in his recovery.

"He does absolutely all he can, given his condition, which obviously is limited. But more and more each day, it gets better and better. Each day, he’s able to do more and more," she said.

As he gets stronger, Kayden grows bigger.

Sedman said he's grateful to be alive and looks forward to creating more memories with his family.

jonathan sedman

Jonathan Sedman with his wife, Christa Meissner, and baby son.