VANCOUVER -- While they don't rescue cats from trees anymore, a B.C. fire crew says their members are still called to help animals caught in unique situations from time to time.

Kamloops Fire Rescue posted to social media Thursday saying it had been asked to help get a small dog out from under a reclining couch earlier this week.

The little pup named Bean had gotten her head trapped in the furniture's reclining mechanism, prompting her owner to call the local fire team for help.

"Really thankful for the Kamloops Fire Rescue team tonight ... my dog Bean managed to get her neck trapped underneath and between the reclining framework of our couch," a comment from the owner on Kamloops Fire Rescue's Facebook page says.

"I called the fire department and within a few minutes a team of them showed up and dismantled the couch to get her out. They were really calm and really cared about Bean's safety. We are very thankful for a great crew in this city."

The fire crew says Bean, her owners and the couch are all doing just fine.