A 68-year-old woman is likely counting her blessings this Valentine’s Day after spending a cold evening missing in the North Shore mountains.

The woman’s dog alerted a search and rescue crew to her whereabouts and she was found on Cedar Creek Trail near Lynn Creek at around midnight – nearly 10 hours after she set out on a walk Friday.

“We heard the dog barking and some voice contact,” said Jeff Yarnold of North Shore Rescue. “There’s tons of mountain bike trails out here, so it was really challenging just trying to cross off all the trails.”

Yarnold said the woman didn’t have a phone, flashlight or map, but she stayed in one place after becoming lost, helping crews locate her.

“She just got turned around today and I think she learned a good lesson,” he said.

A crew of 25 people, including North Shore Rescue members, friends and family scoured the trails in the area trying to find the woman. The woman and her seven-month-old golden retriever did not suffer any major injuries.

Yarnold said it’s important for hikers to be prepared for the worst by bringing items like a satellite emergency device, cell phone with back up battery, flashlights, water and extra clothing.