From bubble bath to breakfasts, there are tons of businesses that offer freebies as a way to say thanks to customers on their birthday.

With her best friend Melissa Taylor in tow, birthday girl Maira Neil hit the streets in search of birthday freebies on her special day.

The girls make their first stop at Starbucks, where you get a free drink of your choice after registering your gift card online. Blenz also gives away a free drink when you show identification.

The next stop was Banana Tans on East Broadway, where customers are pampered with a free tan on their birthday. They're even surprised with a birthday card and chocolates on the bed when they arrive.

John Boychuk said customers really appreciate the effort.

"Especially when they go into the room and they get the card there and the little chocolates. They're like ‘ooh -- they remembered my special day.' It goes a long way in making them feel that we care," he said.

Dennys is well-known for serving up free food on your birthday, so that's where Maira went next. All you have to do is show your ID to prove it's your big day and you're treated to one of its Grand Slam Breakfasts.

Brent Armstrong said each North American store gives away an average of 25 breakfasts per week – about 270,000 Grand Slams a year.

Old Spaghetti Factory gives customers a free meal on their birthday, while Mr. Sub gives away a freebie sandwich. Booster Juice treats customers to a smoothie while Red Robin gives its registered members a free burger.

Club members at Vera's Burger Shack get a free $10 coupon on their birthday.

If you have a sweet tooth there are countless restaurants that give away a free birthday dessert, including The Keg Steakhouse & Bar and Boston Pizza.

If you're in the mood for ice cream, Baskin Robbins gives away a free ice cream cone and Dairy Queen hands out a birthday Blizzard, as long as you're pre-registered. If you're short on time you can walk right into Marble Slab Creamery and be treated to a cone of your choice.

Clothing stores like RW & Co. and American Eagle Outfitters let customers pre-register for up to 25 per cent off coupons as a birthday bonus.

Register at Old Navy online and you'll receive a $10 coupon for purchases of over $50.

And birthday shoppers at cosmetics giant Sephora are also treated to free "Beautiful Birthday Girl" bubble bath.

Neil, who turned 19, said she loved getting all of the free stuff.

"It was awesome," she said. "I was so surprised at all the things I could get -- and not just little things too."

Hey it's Free and Totally Free Stuff are two great websites that have complete lists about what you can get for free on your special day.

Steven and Lina Zussino, who call themselves Canada's frugal couple, have just released a free eBook detailing all the free things you can get on your birthday in Canada, including free golf, free spa deals, and even how to get a free birthday greeting from the Queen).

The eBook is available through this link and is entirely free. Steve Zussino said they've had over 8,000 downloads in over two weeks since being released.

You need to watch out for differing store rules. Some stores just let you show ID to get your present, while others make you pre-register on its website, and they send the coupons in the mail later.

Make sure to check with each store just in case so you don't end up disappointed on your big day.

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