If you've ever wondered why you can't bring your own food and drinks into BC Place – a publicly-owned facility – you're not alone.

John wrote in to ask: Why can't you bring in outside food to BC Place when you can at Seattle's Safeco Field? Both facilities are built on taxpayer dollars.

Operations staff at Safeco Field told CTV News that it's always had a policy where it allows outside food. It doesn't allow in drinks though, saying too many people try to sneak in alcohol in their beverage containers.

But BC Place says even though it's also publicly-owned, events at the facility are considered private because they're licensed to organizers.

The stadium said it is responsible to Vancouver Coastal Health Authority for all food consumed inside the building, so it bans outside food because it can't personally guarantee the quality of what's coming through its doors.

But what it really comes down to is revenue. Food and drink sales are a big source of cash for the stadium, the teams and suppliers. And those suppliers pay big bucks for the right to have their brand sold exclusively at the facility.

"This revenue is important in helping BC Place provide the staff and event services during an event," a stadium spokesperson said in an email to CTV News.

BC Place says its guidelines are consistent with other sports facilities around the province but the stadium does make exceptions for dietary reasons – like bottled water and food for infants.

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