The B.C. government says progress is being made in restoring access to Bella Coola after torrential rains washed out the only road link to the community and flooded the airport.

Transportation Minister Shirley Bond says work is under way to clear the slides that have blocked Highway 20 and the route is now passable east of Anahim Lake.

However, she says it could take weeks to fully open the road because some sections are still under water and can't be fixed until the water recedes.

Bond says the good news is the airports in Bella Coola and Anahim Lake have reopened and emergency BC Ferry service is in place to move people and goods to Bella Coola, including a load of heavy equipment that will help with the road clearing work.

Evacuation orders in Bella Coola were rescinded Tuesday, but some people still won't be able to return home because of damage caused by flooding.

The heavy rains also swamped the community of Kingcome Inlet, south of Bella Coola, forcing the evacuation of dozens of people, while flooding and washouts hit several communities on northern Vancouver Island, including Port Alice and Port Hardy.