Vancouver's plan to ban plastic straws and foam containers by June 1, 2019 may have been too ambitious as city staff is now asking council for an extension.

Staff is requesting the ban for foam cups and containers be extended to January 1st, 2020 for food vendors, with a temporary extension for charities.

It also asks the start date for the plastic straw ban be moved up to April 2020.

A new report will go before council next Wednesday, explaining why an extension is necessary.

"What we have heard  from the business community, particularly the small businesses, is the most meaningful way the city can support them in the transition away from these items is to give them more time to source accessible and affordable alternatives," said Monica Kosmak, a senior project manager.

Last year, city council voted to approve a flexible bylaw that aims to reduce plastic bags and foam cups by 2021. As part of that strategy, a ban on plastic straws and polystyrene was originally slated to begin on Nov. 1, 2019 before being pushed up to June 1.

At the time, council said the city would work with small businesses to help them ensure a smooth transition to meet the June 1st date.

Now, nearly one year later, city staff recommends the date be pushed back to allow small businesses more time to find alternatives.

"We always knew that this would be a very difficult transition for the business community but at the same time there's a lot of support to move away from these items," Kosmak said.

The city also has plans to ban more single-use items.

Every week, roughly 2.6 million disposable cups and 2 million plastic bags are thrown into the garbage in Vancouver, according to the report.

Consultations are ongoing with stakeholders to eliminate plastic bags, disposable cups, take-out containers and single-use utensils. Another report is expected for November, which will outline proposed bylaw amendments to deal with those single-use items.

The report also suggests the city introduce two resolutions for the 2019 Union of British Columbia Municipalities, requesting the province to support strategies for getting rid of single-use items.