The days of slurping soda through disposable plastic straws could be numbered, at least in the City of Vancouver.

A staff report being presented to council next week recommends banning single-use straws as part of a larger waste-reduction strategy that would also outlaw Styrofoam cups and reduce the use of plastic bags.

It sets November 2019 as a target date for the ban to take effect. 

"There is growing momentum to take action on single-use items both locally and internationally among zero waste pioneers," the report reads. "Increasingly, there is recognition of the need to address the societal issues associated with demand for (disposable items)."

One of the main problems cited in the report is plastic trash in the ocean – including straws and fragments of coffee lids and fast food containers – and the impact it has on marine life.

According to the city, staff found broad support for the straw ban during early consultations with restaurants and businesses. Some said they have already cut back on straws by only providing them when requested by customers.

"However, certain businesses that rely on a particular type of straw for their product (e.g. bubble tea shops) raised concerns about the impact on their business," the report reads.

Committees representing seniors and people with disabilities also noted that straws are a necessity for people with certain health problems.

Vancouver staff said if the proposal is approved, the city will be conducting further consultations with impacted businesses and groups before the ban is implemented.