A person who used the online site Reddit to ask how to buy marijuana was smoked out by a cheeky Victoria police officer Thursday.

“Where/how could an aspiring pot smoker such as myself buy weed on campus/near campus? I want to try it but have no idea how to get started at UVic, despite its apparent widespread use,” a Reddit user posted.

Const. Mike Russell, who monitors social media sites for Victoria police, responded by commenting on the thread under the user name VicPDCanada. He posted the address of the Victoria Police Department and told him to stop by.

“Cough” Russell wrote, causing another Reddit user to joke “Scram! It’s the Fuzz!”

Commenters continued to crack jokes and commend the police officer for having a sense of humour. The post had 1,654 comments by Friday morning.

"It’s gone viral, it’s on the front page of Reddit... to see this type of success, it’s funny. We're not going to charge him… we just want to point out… we're on social media too,” Russell said, adding that it's not illegal to ask where to buy pot.

Russell said he monitors several sites for the police, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Pinterest.