A baby product made by a Vancouver-based company is being recalled due to the possible presence of harmful bacteria.

Saje Natural Wellness is recalling Splish Splash Gentle Baby Wash, which is sold on its own and in the Wee and Well Gentle Baby Care Kit.

The 8.5 fl. oz and 1.7 fl. oz. (250 mL and 50 mL) bottles are being recalled over a risk they contain the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

It's an pathogen that can cause infection and bacteria in the blood, particularly in those with compromised immune systems, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a statement.

The bacteria was found during routine sample testing. Thus far, there have been three reported cases of product reactions – rash or itching – associated with the product.

The recall applies to products with the SKUs 700551 and 800560 in Canada, and covers all expiry dates.

Based in Vancouver and Surrey, the company's products are distributed across Canada and the U.S. Currently, the recall only applies to the States, but Saje is asking Canadians not to use it as a precaution.

Those who have purchased the product should return it to a Saje store for a full refund.

Customers can also contact Saje for information on how to return the product by prepaid mail by calling 1-877-275-7253 or emailing hello@saje.com.