VANCOUVER - Before four RCMP officers confronted Robert Dziekanski and shocked him with Tasers at Vancouver's airport they were told he was drunk and throwing furniture.

The public inquiry into Dziekanski's death has heard audio recordings of police and fire dispatchers from the early morning of Oct. 14, 2007.

A dispatcher tells the officers there is an intoxicated man in the airport's international arrivals terminal, and later says he was throwing chairs through glass windows.

Witnesses and the airport called for help after Dziekanski heaved a small table and a computer at a glass wall -- although he never broke the glass separating him and onlookers.

Dziekanski was stunned several times with a Taser within seconds of the officers arriving at the scene, but it's never been clear what information police had beforehand.

After Dziekanski was shocked, an officer calls dispatch asking for an ambulance, then 12 seconds later calls to make it a high-priority medical emergency known as a Code three.