A man yelling racial slurs was caught on camera in an Abbotsford parking lot and the video is gaining attention on social media.

According to Abbotsford police, the incident happened near the intersection of Pauline Street and South Fraser Way.

Leading up to the time the video was taken, a traffic enforcement bylaw officer was writing a ticket for a vehicle parked in a reserved spot. The person in the vehicle became angry and started yelling at the bylaw officer.

A passerby who worked in the building was concerned about the way the man in the vehicle was communicating with the officer and began to record video on his phone.

The man filming the video was South Asian and the suspect became angry and started yelling racial slurs saying the South Asian man should “go back to India.”

At one point in the video the man also yelled “White power motherf*****.”

Abbotsford police confirmed an investigation is underway and they are looking into charges against the suspect.