Randy Quaid and his wife may have drafted a pitch for a reality show violently targeting one of the men they describe as a "star whacker," CTV News has learned.

The actor is seeking asylum in Canada, claiming that his life is in danger in the U.S. because of a "malignant tumour" of Hollywood lawyers and accountants responsible for the deaths of several stars.

But a lawyer for one of the many people he and his wife Evi have accused of a blood-thirsty conspiracy against actors says that the Quaids' accusations have left some members of the Hollywood community deeply fearful.

The lawyer, who asked not to be named to protect their client's family, says that they have unearthed evidence that the Quaids wrote a prospectus of a reality show in which the couple hunts down a Hollywood power broker with a shotgun.

The Quaids' lawyer Catherine Sas told ctvbc.ca that she has no knowledge of the reality show pitch.

Refugee system saved my life, Quaid says

Indeed, the Quaids' Canadian adventures have sometimes seemed like a bizarre episode in a reality show.

On Tuesday, Randy Quaid says that Canada's refugee system has saved his life from the "star whackers" he claims to be fleeing in the U.S.

The actor made the comment outside a Vancouver immigration hearing, when he continued his bid to seek asylum north of the border.

"If it wasn't for Canada's refugee system, my wife and I would be dead," Quaid told reporters after stepping out of a blue Toyota hybrid.

The Canada Border Services Agency had been expected to outline why he should not be allowed to remain in Canada, but the hearing was adjourned to give his lawyer a chance to review the U.S. allegations against him.

Quaid and his wife Evi came to Vancouver after skipping an arraignment hearing in California for a felony burglary charge. In that case, the pair is accused of squatting in a Montecito home they once owned together in the 1990s, and causing thousands of dollars in damage. A judge issued $50,000 bench warrants for their arrest on Oct. 18.

The Quaids have missed four arraignment hearings on the U.S. charges.

The couple claims that they are fleeing the people responsible for the deaths of Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine. None of the men's deaths have been ruled homicides.

On Tuesday, Quaid expressed frustration that people don't seem to believe his fellow actors were murdered.

"For some reason, everyone seems to understand that Ronni Chasen was viciously murdered, but no one cares that David Carradine was viciously murdered," he said, referring to last week's shooting death of Chasen, a Hollywood publicist.

"It's as if they think that actors come back to life. We don't."

He also said that he and his wife are looking forward to spending Christmas in Vancouver.

"There's no plans right now, but we hope it snows," he said.

After Tuesday's hearing, Evi, sporting what appeared to be a new Mohawk hairstyle said that the pair left Los Angeles to escape danger.

"So far, I have to say, that Canada has kept us very safe," she said.

When asked how her new home has managed to protect her, Evi answered: "I don't think they've nurtured mafia connections here."

Border officials have determined that Evi is a Canadian citizen.

With files from The Canadian Press