Housewarming gifts are a great way to show someone you care about their living space.

In the curious case of an extremely celebratory Toronto Raptors fan from B.C., that personal demonstration of affection went very viral.

The man known as “Plant Guy” earned himself a few more than 15 minutes of fame, after he was filmed carrying a large houseplant through the streets of Toronto following the Raptors NBA title-winning game against the Golden State Warriors on June 13.

He believed the leafy “kawhactus”, as he called it, in hand was destined to live alongside NBA Finals MVP and Raptors small forward Kawhi Leonard.

Speaking to TSN reporters in Toronto during the team’s championship parade, when asked where he found it, Plant Guy said he grabbed the now-famous flora from where he hails.

“I took it from home, what do you mean? I live in the woods, people don’t believe me. Come find me, I live in B.C., come find me,” shouted the fan of both Raptors, and apparently plants.

“Pull out that weird highway, like the weirdest f***ing stretch, you’re gonna find my tent,” he added, not tipping his hat to where precisely in the province he lived, or to which one of B.C.'s many highways he was referring.

And during Monday’s celebration through the streets of downtown Toronto, Plant Guy was able to make good on his good-spirited gift-giving, passing a tiny potted plant into the enormous hands of red bus-riding Leonard.

Even Canucks forward Bo Horvat got into the foliage fun: