A group of North Vancouver parents have launched a lawsuit to prevent the closure of Fromme Elementary School.

Faced with a $6 million shortfall, trustees voted last month to close the school, saving the North Vancouver Board of Education about $400,000.

Some parents claim trustees did not follow provincial law and district policy in making the decision to shutter the school.

"They were not allowed to discuss the rationale at all whatsoever of the naming or closure of schools," parent Shawna Conrad told CTV News. "There is a number of misleading information bits--utilization of the school, the seismic upgrading of the school, the capacity and the available space."

The Chair of the School Board insists procedures were followed.

"The board must follow a policy and a process and the school closure process is guided by provincial legislation and that was foremost in all the trustees' minds as we went through this process this spring," said Susan Skinner of the North Vancouver Board of Education.

Despite the lawsuit, the board is standing firm in its decision to close the school.

"Fromme School will be closed effective June 30th, 2010 and our staffs are working diligently to relocate students to nearby elementary schools," said Skinner.

A spokesperson for the Minister of Education told CTV News she could not comment as the issue is now before the courts.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Mike Killeen