A day after health officials confirmed that a student at St. George's School in Vancouver had tested positive for H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, the school's headmaster announced that there two other boarder students who probably have it.

In addition, six other boarding students have mild flu-like symptoms.

To ensure there is no spread of the virus, the school has asked all boarders to remain at home or with guardians until the school's doctor has determined there is no further risk, headmaster Nigel Toy said in a press release Wednesday.

In a letter to parents, Toy said a decision about when the students would be allowed to return to school would be made Wednesday afternoon after talking to families.

He urged all parents to keep their children at home if they displayed any flu-like symptoms.

Updates can be found at www.stgeorges.bc.ca

Meanwhile, Simon Fraser University officials said Wednesday that an employee in their Surrey administrative office is suspected of having swine flu but had limited contact with students.

School officials told CTV News on Tuesday that have implemented a number of prevention measures, particularly for the 2,000 students living in dorms.

The school has given them kits containing information about swine flu and items like hand sanitizer and face masks.

One campus south of the border has been hit early. About 2,000 students at Washington State University have reported symptoms of swine flu.

Experts say the key to prevention is to wash your hands frequently.