The teenage girl who was allegedly gang raped at a B.C. rave says she's had to leave high school because of bullying.

Authorities laid charges against two young men Wednesday in connection to the brutal attack last September on the 16-year-old girl in Pitt Meadows, east of Vancouver.

As many as a dozen people stood by and watched while it happened, and some witnesses circulated videos and pictures of the incident on social networking sites.

Colton Ashton McMorris of Maple Ridge, 18, is now charged with sexual assault and Dennis John Allen Warrington of Langley, 19, is charged with making and distributing child pornography.

A 16-year-old boy was charged with the production and distribution of child pornography in October.

Sgt. Peter Thiessen said Ridge Meadows RCMP do not anticipate making any more charges in connection to the case. He said police hope the new charges will bring a sense of closure and relief to the family and the community.

"We and many others in this community were disgusted with the distribution of photos on the internet -- photos that re-victimized this poor girl," he told reporters at a press conference in Maple Ridge Thursday morning.

Thiessen read a statement from the victim's parents, who say their daughter is tormented by her peers.

"Hopefully these charges will end any more assaults on her character," the statement read.

The victim also sent a statement through police, thanking anyone who helped her "through this terrible ordeal."

She also thanked anyone who "spread lies about her," or blamed her for the incident, saying "you have made me stronger than ever before."

Toxicology results for the victim came back negative for any drugs or alcohol, Thiessen said. The tests were taken 18 to 20 hours after the incident.

He said while the sharing of photos and videos of the incident has nearly ceased, there are still "revolting" things being said about the victim online.

"Many years ago [these] would be private conversations and now they're there for all to read about this poor 16-year-old girl," Thiessen said.

Officers are still monitoring social networking sites as part of the investigation.

The two accused made an initial court appearance in Port Coquitlam on Tuesday.

Police have said a code of silence has prevented more witnesses from coming forward.