A Vancouver woman whose family is being evicted from their home on Saturday has been told the B.C. Ministry of Housing will help them move and provide a security deposit.

But single mom Georgia Brown still needs to find a new home in 24 hours.

"I am just burnt right out. We are all stressed, but we've just got to stand up and move forward and just keep trying," Brown said.

Brown filled out new forms today for social housing after she was told the forms she filled out two months ago are now invalid.

"Apparently the other one was outdated, so I have to do this one, all over again," Georgia Brown told CTV News.

Her family was told recently they'd have to move out of their rented home because new owners were taking over.

Asked if she's thought about what will happen to her family if they don't find a new place in time, Brown said "I don't want to, to be honest. I don't want to."

Brown said the stress of finding a new place to live in such a short time is also weighing down on her daughter in her last year of high school.

"Coming to school and getting my work done, I just think about, ‘oh, are we going to have a place to go?' It's pretty difficult," Camellia Brown said.

The family feels they've run into issues of prejudice. Some landlords have asked Georgia if she is First Nations, or say the apartment isn't available once they find out she is a single mom on welfare assistance.

The family is hoping to find a three bedroom home close to Camellia's school on Commercial Drive to accommodate their family of four.