Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has apologized after being caught swearing and criticizing speakers at a recent city council meeting.

During a recess at the July 8 meeting, Robertson, not knowing his microphone was still on, made disparaging remarks about speakers who were against a West End community advisory committee.

Speaking with fellow Vision Vancouver councillors Heather Deal and Tim Stevenson, Robertson asks: "Who are all these f*cking hacks? Are these all NPA (Non-Partisan Association) hacks?"

After some banter and laughing between the group, Gregor mocks: "We're just trying to have a little advisory committee for f*ck sakes."

It didn't appear anyone knew the audio system remained on after the council approved its motions even after numerous speakers' protests.

Video capturing the incident was posted on the video sharing site YouTube by members of the West End Neighbours, a group that is rallying against the city's Short Term Incentives for Rental Housing (STIR) program.

On Monday, Robertson issued an apology, and told reporters that he made the remarks out of frustration.

"My comments were totally inappropriate. I was frustrated after a long and contentious council meeting that day and that night," he said.

"I want to apologize to all the people involved for my comments."

But he added that he does have a potty mouth in certain circumstances.

"I'm usually pretty good at managing that. I have been known to swear at times, for sure," Robertson said.

"They should hear me on the rugby field or at the hockey rink."

City affairs blogger Frances Bula told CTV News that the mayor's candid comments might acutally boost his popularity.

"I think some people might actually think it makes him look a little bit more human, to tell you the honest truth, because sometimes he just seems too picture perfect," she said.

"He usually comes across as a nice farm boy who would never say something like that. We were used to Larry Campbell, the former mayor, who would constantly use the f-word."