Police are investigating after a man was shot and a woman was assaulted with a weapon inside a Surrey home Monday night.

Just before 11:30 p.m., officers responded to several 911 calls from people reporting they heard gunfire. Inside a beige house with a brown roof on 184 Street between 80 Avenue and 76 Avenue, officers found an injured woman and a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

Both victims were taken to hospital.

Police believe their injuries were inflicted by a third party who fled the scene before officers arrived. Cpl. Elenore Sturko said it's believed the violence was targeted, and that the victims and suspect knew each other. Both victims are also known to police.

Neighbours who did not want to be identified told CTV News they heard two sounds like something getting hit with a belt. Then, they heard a gunshot followed by a woman screaming.

They also said the home is an unregulated recovery house that sometimes attracts thefts and late night noise.

This shooting comes just days after Paul Bennett, a 47-year-old father of two, was gunned down while sitting in his truck in the driveway of his Clayton Heights home. He lived just two kilometres south of where the man and woman were injured Monday.

Sturko said she didn't have any information about whether the shooting on Monday night is linked to Bennett's killing, but said police will be investigating.

"We will often check to see if there's any linkages. So that would be part of the investigation," she said.

Hours after Bennett was killed, radio host Ashiana Khan's car was shot at while she drove down Fraser Highway.

"I was very shocked. I thought I was dead. I tried to feel myself to see if I was still alive or not," she told CTV News.

Police confirmed her vehicle had ballistic damage. Luckily, she and another occupant weren't hit.

She thinks she may have been targeted because of her strong views on gang violence.

"My family clearly told me back off. But as I've been quite active with my community I'm still thinking I'm a strong voice and I should continue," she said.

Dave Woods, a city councillor, acknowledged it was not a good weekend in the City of Surrey at a council meeting Monday.

Hours after the Monday shooting, on Sunday morning, police and fire crews also responded to a van on fire in a rural area of Langley. Although torched vehicles are sometimes linked to gang activity in the Lower Mainland, police say this torched van is not linked to any of the three shootings.